How e-commerce impacts on logistics

The e-commerce boom is destined to drive the growth and development of the logistics sector in Italy too. There has been a real explosion in recent years, with disruptive effects on the logistics chain ranging from transport organization to warehouse management to city deliveries. E-commerce is affecting the entire supply chain by changing logistics centers, which must quickly equip themselves to satisfy all company requests.

logistica-per-ecommerce- How e-commerce impacts on logistics

Ordered today, delivered tomorrow. One of the elements most closely tied to the satisfaction of online customers, as we know, is the delivery process. They can count on ever faster and more customized deliveries. This makes online shopping a fast and convenient choice. Not forgetting that delivery is also part of the ‘emotional’ user experience. Companies that deal with logistics, however, know it’s not all that simple. The goods must be delivered, but the right of withdrawal gives the consumer the opportunity to behave as in the store. Online too, they can buy more items, try them on and return what they don’t like or isn’t the right size. These operations obviously impact on management costs. And if we think that one of the main reasons for buying online is free shipping, it’s a no-brainer.
Companies who offer efficient and rapid delivery and collection services will see a major increase in the coming years. A qualitative leap that was unthinkable until a few years ago.