Logistics support to companies

What is logistics support?

Outsourced logistics support has the goal of ensuring the effectiveness of individual systems, security in the fulfilment of tasks and reliability, in compliance with agreed and defined work schedules. Inovys Logistic, in collaboration with the customer, takes charge of the logistics organisation processes, taking care of the strategic and practical aspects, with the aim of making the most of the resources used and to be used.
In cosa consiste il supporto di Inovys
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What are the main services?

In addition to warehouse management, we offer tailor-made solutions such as packaging, co-packing, assembly, quality control, line tending and industrial cleaning, integrated logistics support activities that contribute to improving the company’s performance.

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What advantages can Inovys give for your logistics organisation?

Strategic, economic and operational advantages. It is a profound know-how of the sector that makes Inovys Logistic the best outsourcing partner.

Our experience in the management of outsourced services allows us today to guarantee 360° support to partner companies that in this way can converge their energies on their core business and optimise and manage internal costs in an intelligent way. At Inovys Logistic we believe in the effectiveness of the group, in people and in the contribution they can make to improving the quality standard of services and increasing flexibility, without sacrificing quality.

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Inovys support for every sector

Which sectors require the most logistics assistance?

The logistics organisation has objectives that are expressed in relation to the diverse goods categories that, by their very nature, demand individual attention.

The critical issues and peculiarities are realised in the management of warehouses with different needs in relation to temperatures, goods classification and storage rules required by law. Consumer, Pharma & Health, Retail, Automotive, Transportation, Industrial: our work teams follow the Inovys Logistic method to provide all the logistics assistance you need.

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