Why outsource assembly to Inovys Logistic?

In specific sectors, like automotive and industrial, the management of production departments requires strategic and operational skills to understand how to organize work and predict possible risks in terms of staff shortages, overly tight deadlines and operational difficulties.

Inovys Logistic offers a working system that is a real method resulting from research and experience. 

Our way of understanding warehouse work is based on particular attention to the assembly process and to the staff who construct and improve components. We are thus able to:

    Large industries that work on Italian and international markets face constantly fluctuating market demands. A reduction of the resulting economic risks is therefore essential.
    Continuous market variations entail not only changing costs, which are worth monitoring, but also periodically changing peaks of work. Strategic management helps organize work groups efficiently to maximize yield and minimize costs.
    An efficient component assembly service, in specific sectors like automotive and industrial, requires diversified production lines with a capillary organization, even without volumes of work that justify it.
    The possibility of calling on qualified personnel means creating a competent work group that can optimize times and costs.
The pluses of Inovys assembly

Expertise, efficiency, precision and flexibility

Our third-party assembly service combines three fundamental concepts that guide the working method.

  1. The components to be assembled are studied by the strategy team in order to suggest the best approach for cooperation and management.
  2. The operational team is organized with regulated and clear processes to guarantee a timely result in line with company directives.
  3. Flexibility that travels on the same track as production processes and the market: we can reschedule, restructure and review the organization in response to various delays in supplies and unforeseen events that affect the normal workflow.
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