Outsourced co-packing management

Gestione del copacking di Inovys

Why entrust co-packing to Inovys Logistic?

Efficient and controlled outsourced co-packing management requires a state-of-the-art organizational structure that can control the entire process, from packaging to material preparation, from assembly to applying adhesives and labels. For companies, it means relying on a partner who can enhance the products, take care of their aesthetic appearance and handle goods according to their characteristics. 

Our working method and two teams specialized in outsourcing activities enable us to manage co-packing for companies in specific commercial sectors. Our deep know-how and experience allow us to guarantee faster logistic processes through precision, attention to products and optimal cost management.

We take the utmost care in managing processes related to product packaging because we are well acquainted with the sectors where co-packing forms an integral part of the product manufacturing process.

We enter companies with a tailor-made service of outsourced co-packing management, guaranteeing efficient and effective production processes, minimizing costs and managing unexpected production peaks.

Inovys explains copacking

Co-packing concerns:

  • Retail products
    In this sector, the packaged, packed and labeled product arrives directly in the hands of the final consumer. It is therefore essential to ensure that the packaging is precise and respects the sanitary standards imposed by the sector.
  • Consumer goods, products destined for large-scale distribution
    Co-packing is the phase that brings products onto the shelves of department stores, supermarkets and wholesale stores. Our tailor-made service is fast and controlled to ensure compliance with all the rules on packaging hygiene and cleaning as well as the rules for correctly storing and packaging products.
  • Pharma & Health, products for pharmacies and parapharmacies
    In the pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical sector, order and cleanliness are highly important. These products are subject to particular hygiene rules concerning both the co-packing and storage phases, to protect the final consumer. Outsourced co-packing management times must also take into account two fundamental aspects: the expiration times and the types of product conservation.
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