Logistics for e-commerce

Ecommerce con Inovys

What does e-commerce logistics mean?

Online commerce can’t ignore the organizational factor that includes the management of goods, storage and preparation of products ready for shipment. E-commerce logistics therefore concerns all those preliminary operations for sending products.

The outsourcing strategy

What is outsourced e-commerce?

This term indicates a real strategic choice which entails companies entrusting this particular logistics service to third-party companies that specialize in managing these workflows.

More and more businesses are deciding to outsource this phase of the production process, because this can guarantee an efficient service without burdening internal departments.

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Inovys outsourcing

How does the process work?

Online sales are characterized by quality and quantity factors of orders in relation to the size of the material and shipping. This last aspect weighs heavily on the company and causes internal imbalances in order management and preparation.

To guarantee maximum consumer satisfaction without additional burdens, most medium-large companies entrust e-commerce logistics to outsourcers so that shipping, returns and stock control are handled by expert teams that combine professional skills with management strategy.

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Why choose Inovys logistic

Why choose Inovys Logistic for e-commerce logistics?

At Inovys Logistic, we have gained a great deal of experience in third-party logistics management and have designed a series of tailor-made services to guarantee high quality thanks to highly qualified and selected staff.

Furthermore, we manage the warehouse where orders are shipped, optimizing space and creating a production chain without interruptions. Finally, we entrust the project manager with the phases of monitoring storage and handling of goods kept in compliance with safety standards.

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