Third-party packing and packaging

In the field of logistics, goods packing and packaging are among the most important phases in products delivery. The Inovys Logistic third-part service consists in taking charge of packaging operations and producing packages for transport, a tailor-made service managed and organized by our work team.
Il packaging secondo Inovys

Why entrust packing and packaging to Inovys Logistic?

Packing goods requires particular attention to protect and preserve products in the warehouse, keeping them dry and safe from dust and external agents.

Storage times can run into months, and that’s why excellent protection is essential to prevent goods from being damaged. Another crucial point concerns transport: small, medium and large products need to be well packaged and protected. Taking care at this stage means delivering products intact and in perfect condition, even very delicate goods. Finally, a crucial aspect is guaranteeing customers a professional packaging service that not only protects the goods but enhances them.

Inovys Logistic manages warehouses for companies in different product categories, via a method involving organization, efficiency and people that responds to needs concretely and effectively.

Thanks to customized solutions for goods packaging and bagging and thanks to a strategic, smart management of packing and wrapping, we ensure maximum protection even for bulky and fragile goods.

Packaging Management

The benefits of outsourcing

Our teams work side by side to study the best solution in compliance with delivery times and goods handling. Our experience in managing specific services such as packing and packaging for third parties enables us to offer a real working approach and a customized turnkey service.

Continuous research and improvement of management techniques for various product sectors enable us to offer a service with concrete benefits for companies, such as reduced operating and management costs and significantly improved quality and results.

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