Line Servo Systems

L'asservimento linea con Inovys

Line servo systems with Inovys Logistic

In a production line, a key aspect that is often underestimated is feeding and handling of primary, semi-finished and finished materials.

The advantages of Inovys logistic

Line servo: our pluses

The materials must be able to flow on the workstations in a synchronized and efficient manner, thus avoiding gaps on the lines and unnecessary handling and waste when managing them.

Our method starts with correctly designing the handling units and systems, and the logic of reordering materials on the assembly lines. In this way we work in symbiosis with the customer, simplifying procurement and availability of the finished products with major savings in overall logistics costs.

Our working method is flexible because it adapts, in terms of time and method, to the needs of medium and large companies that decide to invest in logistics.

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