We believe that looking to the future and constantly being open to discussion is essential for growth in the contexts in which we operate and for accepting new challenges.
It is thanks to the experience gained in the diverse sectors in which we operate that we can guarantee a management of the outsourced services in compliance with the rules governing the treatment of products and their correct storage. With our tailor-made solutions, we serve companies from diverse industries for which we are the best partner for outsourced logistics.
Settori della logistica

Outsourced logistics procurement: for which sectors?

Automotive, Retail, Transportation, Industrial, Consumer, Pharma & Health are the main sectors for which we work. We offer companies our way of thinking about logistics: an approach that takes into account continuous improvement to optimise processes and flows within warehouses.

The experience of the Inovys team

Our teams excel in experience and crisis management skills

Each goods category responds to certain rules in terms of space and product management in compliance with the rules governing their maintenance.

Temperature, exposure, deadlines: the sectors we work with have different needs that we listen to and interpret in the best possible way, thanks to an approach that makes listening to people and communication the cornerstone of every outsourcing activity.

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