Third-party freight transport: quality and security

Managing transport for a large company means first of all controlling the timing, which is often very limited and inserted in extremely tight daily time schedules. The answer? Vehicles and people.

Our fleet of vehicles is proprietary, of different types to meet every need and is driven by trained, qualified and constantly updated drivers and operators. In addition, the vehicles are subject to continuous checks for everyone’s safety.
La qualità del trasporto di Inovys

Inovys Logistic’s third-party road freight transport service is intended for companies in every goods sector, who aim at optimising Supply Chain times and costs. We serve, for example, the large-scale retail distribution sectors, the food sector and many others. 

Why choose Inovys Logistic for the transport of goods? Because we are able to guarantee constant monitoring of goods through geolocated vehicles and an accurate analysis of shared indicators to make the service more efficient. This is possible thanks to our approach that combines analysis and expertise, capabilities and crisis management.

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Transport quality and control

Temperature-controlled food transport

Temperature-controlled transport in Italy requires the maintenance of a constant temperature inside the vehicle, no matter what the external climate may be. Our vehicles are equipped with refrigeration systems useful for the transport of dry, fresh and frozen goods in Italy and abroad.

The trucks, dedicated to large-scale distribution, range from a temperature of 20° to -25°, in order to ensure the perfect preservation of food even during transport.

Attention to the goods but also to the operators: the teams are equipped with appropriate clothing and follow a controlled and precise shift.

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Inovys' transport services

Various types of freight transport: why Inovys Logistic?

We guarantee coverage of the transport service at the national and international level with drivers with an ADR license and an entire structure that is trained and updated. In particular, we manage:

  • special transports such as those involving large machinery (cranes, bulldozers, vans, campers) up to a maximum height of 3.40m
  • express transport with dedicated ADR and non-ADR vehicles such as, for example, vans for the transport of industrial material for the automotive, chemical (in ADR) and components sectors
  • transport of Coils, semi-finished products of the steel industry (sheet metal coils) that require special certifications and permits with which we are equipped
  • transport of dry material, which concerns more generally the industrial transport of any type in ADR or no-ADV

In addition, we are ISO certified and guarantee a solution that integrates with other tailor-made solutions for companies such as packaging and line tending. All our vehicles are satellite radio-equipped to ensure the traceability of their movements.

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