Another Logistics

Numbers don’t lie. But we believe that behind negative numbers there is always the key to transforming something negative into something positive, an inefficiency into a positive example and an objective difficulty into an opportunity to learn how to do better.
How do we do it? With Another Logistics, our way of approaching any project, which follows two key principles: people are really at the centre of processes and processes need continuous evolution to improve performance and results.
The steps of an Other Logistics

Another Logistics: a 6-step method that makes the difference

In order for every project and every sector to work at its best, it requires a single way of thinking that takes into account the objectives and needs of the individual context. To achieve the goal, there is no single recipe, but an approach to the problem made up of experience, study and analysis to propose concrete and tailor-made solutions. When we say we are your partner for outsourced logistics, we really believe it: for this reason, we have designed a managerial model made up of 6 steps of work that leads the Inovys Logistic team to become an integral part of the company that we are called upon to make more efficient.

Team planning

A team dedicated to the project

Let’s not beat around the bush: to make a process more efficient, you need to know it inside out. This is the goal of the team dedicated to the project which, after a series of checks and controls, plans your needs and objectives, has the task of establishing the qualitative, production and management gap to be filled and the strategies to be implemented.

If strategies don't work, you question them: that’s how you improve. Engineers and managers reconsider work flows, re-discuss them and find new solutions, fuelling an efficiency process that takes into account the productivity and performance of the entire project.

Reaching the goal is not enough: Another Logistics also means always raising the bar and finding a new phase to improve and another process to make more productive.

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per dareIlE

Logistics project analysis

Monitoring to find new room for improvement

As long as a project is “on paper” we have no guarantee that it will work. For this reason, we strongly believe in the strategic-operational teams and in everyone’s skills. They are entrusted with the goal of filling the gaps highlighted in the analysis phase.

This further step sets in motion a control process that is based on performance indicators that allow corrections to be made day by day.

In order to achieve high quality standards and change phases that do not work, managers work in close collaboration with the operational structure and with the managers of the individual work areas. Outsourced logistics, in fact, is a method but also tailor-made solutions and success lies in the integration of these services into a single process.

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