Outsourced logistics services

Outsourced logistics services are an advantage on the economic, operative and strategic level, only if at their core there is a study based on the needs of the goods sector, the work flow characteristics and an analysis of the aspects that have to be improved with a priority sequence in very targeted interventions.

We have experience and capable persons in our company, and a flexible structure that allows us to study the strategy that’s the most suitable to the needs of your company. We propose Another Logistics, are you with us?
Inovys Logistics ServicesOutsourced logistics services

The companies that decide to entrust services in logistics contracts belong to diverse goods sectors and are governed by different logics, which make the expertise of the outsourcing partner they intend to rely on indispensable.
As Inovys Logistic, over the years we have chosen

to focus on the building of an approach to the task that unites strategy, organisation, resource management and work planning. The goal is to offer a logistics outsourcing service that guarantees security, transparency, flexibility and reasonable cost management.

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Warehouse management with Inovys

Warehouse management

From A to Z, from the reorganisation of spaces to the rearrangement of goods according to a single criterion: reducing the time of all activities starting from unloading through to the loading of goods. For us, the management of a new warehouse means analysing the problems with a team of experts who focus on the specific objectives to be achieved during the START-UP phase. The Managers of the individual areas have the task of finding solutions to make the work flow increasingly efficient.

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Innovative processes, intelligent control of working times, reduction of fixed costs and attention to people’s well-being. This is our working method dedicated to strategic outsourcing.

The Inovys approach to logistics

Logistics engineering

We plan warehouse logistics at 360 degrees, in a reasoned and constantly monitored way, so that the spaces for managing goods are a sustainable cost. Logistics engineering is our approach to the design and management of the warehouse and to the relationship with suppliers, in compliance with the laws and regulations that govern the treatment of products.

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The logistical support of Inovys

Logistics support

Packaging, co-packing, assembly, quality control, line tending and industrial cleaning services: logistics support activities guarantee the efficiency of individual elements in compliance with the set objectives. Entrusting these services to an external partner translates into economic, strategic and operational benefits.

Our logistics support for companies in diverse areas of interest is based on the concept of a group understood as a perfect organism, whose work has an absolute value.

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