Manage outsourced e-commerce shipments

Organising e-commerce logistics is all about what happens after a user has placed an online order. To gain people’s loyalty and ensure they return to buy from your portal, it is essential to offer an excellent logistics service in addition to a great purchasing experience. How can you organise e-commerce shipments? This article provides a practical guide to shipping and […]

Temperature-controlled transport, what it is and how it works

What does temperature-controlled transport mean? What is it for and how do the various packaging, loading and unloading stages work? What regulations apply? This informative article will answer the main questions about temperature-controlled transport for the food and pharmaceutical industries, with the aim of providing all the tools needed to understand what the companies offering this service do. Temperature-controlled transport: […]

Own-account or third-party transport: what is the difference?

National laws relating to freight handling, highway codes and European transport regulations are not always easy to understand and therefore to apply correctly. The difference between third-party and own-account transport depends on the vehicle type, load weight and driver’s authorisation. Unlawful transportation is illegal and may be subject to very high administrative penalties (up to 15,000 euro). For this reason, […]

Black Friday planning by Inovys Logistic

What is Black Friday? Black Friday is an event that originated in the US and takes place every year on the first Friday after Thanksgiving. This is the date when, according to a tradition consolidated in the 1960s, American stores offer special discounts to encourage shopping and kickstart Christmas purchases. The following Monday is known as Cyber Monday and involves […]

Strategic logistics outsourcing

Outsourcing is when a company entrusts operations involving its goods to a logistics partner, rather than carrying them out directly. There are different outsourcing options. One consists of full delegation to a logistics provider with its own spaces and manpower, while the other consists in entrusting only part of the logistics process to third parties, for example road transport, while […]

Strategic logistics outsourcing

The supply chain is the beating heart of the industrial sector. Properly managed incoming and outgoing flows have become a competitive advantage that companies have not to underestimate. The fourth industrial revolution is underway in all sectors that need digitisation, networking, cloud computing and data security. In recent years, companies have made huge strides in optimizing supply chains and logistics, […]

How e-commerce impacts on logistics

The e-commerce boom is destined to drive the growth and development of the logistics sector in Italy too. There has been a real explosion in recent years, with disruptive effects on the logistics chain ranging from transport organization to warehouse management to city deliveries. E-commerce is affecting the entire supply chain by changing logistics centers, which must quickly equip themselves […]

The sharing economy is the new frontier of freight transport

For some years now, we’ve been hearing about the ‘sharing economy’ – but what exactly is it? It refers to a new economic model based on consumers’ real needs. The millennial generation of consumers (those born between the early 1980s and the mid-1990s) is most actively engaged in the sharing economy. To respond to this latest trend, many companies have […]