Manage outsourced e-commerce shipments

Organising e-commerce logistics is all about what happens after a user has placed an online order.

To gain people’s loyalty and ensure they return to buy from your portal, it is essential to offer an excellent logistics service in addition to a great purchasing experience.

How can you organise e-commerce shipments?

This article provides a practical guide to shipping and delivering products from an online store. It will help you understand whether managing the service in-house or outsourcing it is best for you.

A guide to shipping and delivering e-commerce products

What aspects make a customer satisfied when they buy online?

  • Order tracking and possibly insurance
  • Safe, careful packaging
  • Fast delivery
  • Possibility of return

Managing e-commerce shipments therefore means taking on the costs associated with warehouse organisation, stock control, storage, and order picking and preparation.

Not just that: but also packaging the goods, ensuring fragile goods are safe, and delivery.

All of this must be done as quickly as possible, because one of the most frequent reasons for leaving the basket or raising a customer complaint is timing.

According to Sendcloud research, 86% of consumers consider fast delivery, together with free shipping, to be among the most important factors when purchasing online.

This means that offering competitive times compared to competitors gives a real advantage: it keeps customers loyal and reduces the margin for complaints and returns.

To learn more about how online ordering is transforming an entire sector, read the article in the news section of our website How e-Commerce Impacts On Logistics.

Another factor to consider is staff: to ensure a quality service, it is necessary to hire qualified professionals, trained in warehouse management and able to fulfil both small B2C orders as well as larger B2B orders, in Italy and abroad.

So, what is the best way to organise e-commerce shipments? Rely on an experienced outsourcing company like Inovys Logistic.

Manage e-commerce shipments with Inovys Logistic

Inovys Logistic is a company specialising in a number of outsourcing services, including third-party transport of goods and logistics for e-commerce.

Why choose Inovys Logistic?

  • The service is tailored to your needs
  • Warehouse management is aimed at process optimisation and cost savings
  • Our procedures ensure freight preservation and compliance with safety standards.

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